Opportunity: Directorship

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Reports to:  Staff Committee of the LGBTQ Youth Centre & West Island Rainbow Seniors Board

Positions reporting to this one: None

Positions managed by this one: Co-coordinators of the West Island LGBTQ Youth and Rainbow Senior Centres and by extension volunteers as required.

Gender:  Wherever in the wording of this document any gender identification is used, it shall be understood to include all gender identifications.

JOB SUMMARY:  The Director of the West Island LGBTQ Centres (Youth, Adult, Senior) role represents a significant and dynamic part of the work of the centres. The Director is required to ensure confidentiality and ensure the centres provide a safe space for the LGBTQ community. The position provides direction to the coordinators and volunteers and support of the goals of the centres as well as promoting the work of the centres to the community at large. Specifically, the positon of Director has three key responsibilities:

  1. Funding and Grants
  2. Activities
  3. Community Outreach

In your capacity as Director your mandate will include:


  1. To be present on site three days a week. Other time to be spent as required.
  2. To research and identify funding and grant opportunities, campaigns, donor development and government partnerships at Municipal, Provincial and Federal levels.
  3. To maintain current funding and grant dossiers and ensure repeat requests are submitted.
  4. To provide status reporting on funding and grant initiatives, successes, and refusals.
  5. To follow-up on rejected funding and grant request submissions to determine why.
  6. To ensure activities related to fulfillment of the grant requirements are met.
  7. To provide various reporting to the Staff Committee, Board, and Treasurer.
  8. Plan relevant activities in conjunction with volunteers as you see needs arise.



  1. Ensure West Island LGBTQ centres have open periods for drop-in and other programs.
  2. Ensure West Island LGBTQ centres have adequate co-ordination and volunteer teams.
  3. Ensure Parenting Support Group have adequate co-ordination and support.
  4. To be responsible for the integration of new staff and volunteers including providing them with the Code of Conduct for the Centre, confidentiality agreements if required, police checks as required and obtaining emergency contact information.
  5. To be responsible for implementing a volunteer orientation and training component.
  6. To develop in conjunction with other staff, programs, activities, and workshops
  7. To support other staff in moving activities forward.
  8. To ensure computer data is appropriate, safely, and confidentially maintained.
  9. To bring forth ideals and needs for improvement.
  10. To oversee the volunteers (if and as required) and develop a working schedule.
  11. Coordinate major events for the Youth and/or Senior’s groups including summer and winter Youth Camps, Queer Prom, Mixed Socials, Diversity Week activities, Senior Supper Club, outings, and various other initiatives as deemed of interest and benefit.



  1. Develop and carry out community outreach programs for schools, senior centres and other organisations as required.
  2. Communications planning, media outreach and representation, blogging and social media and website.
  3. Maintain efficient and organised lines of communication via the centre’s email and telephone services.
  4. Identify programs and services consistent with community needs.
  5. Participate in community coalitions and round-tables, discussion panels, media opportunities and other networking opportunities which bring awareness to the Centres and broaden the reach of the Centres for those we service.


This job description is not meant to be all encompassing and therefore is subject to the understanding that there may be additional duties and responsibilities as required by the LGBTQ Centres.

ACCOUNTABILITY: The Director of the West Island LGBTQ Centres reports to a sub-committee of the Board of Directors, known as the Staff Committee, which provides support and direction. Should you wish to discuss anything or escalate any issues or concerns beyond the Staff Committee, you can do so directly to the Board. The director of the centres agrees and adheres to the policy of confidentiality regarding all privileged information.  As such, The Director is required to sign a confidentiality agreement and submit information and authorisation for a Police check. Director is required to work collegially with Board members, staff persons and volunteers in a manner that enhances the delivery of Centre’s programs and services while promoting its values and upholding its reputation in the wider community. The Director is required to attend Board meetings. Performance reviews will take place at agreed upon frequency as deemed to be required by the Staff Committee.


Status:             Annual/Renewable (12 month) Contract (40 hours per week)

Hours:              Includes required on site presence as determined in contract

Rate:                As determined in contract, on hourly, weekly, or annually (paid biweekly)

Vacation:         The Director shall be entitled to vacation in the amount of five weeks per annum, which includes two weeks “Winter Break” during the Christmas-New Year period, when the centres are closed. Winter Break dates to be determine on an annual basis, using the statutory holiday dates to plan closure dates. Any additional time needed must be arranged and approved in advance.


Conditions:      Police Records Verification required as part of hiring process

To familiarise yourself with our centres processes and protocols and follow them

You are responsible for your transportation to and from the centres. For required travel from the centre to off-site locations as a job requirement, your travel costs will be reimbursed at the standard mileage rate as determined in contract.

Knowledge / Experience:

Related experience in a similar field. Grant proposal writing skills. Community outreach experience.

Empathy and understanding of the LGBTQ communities, and the related issues, concerns, challenges, and needs.

Strong communication skills. Strong organizational skills. Basic computer skills.

Bilingualism is a strong asset.

Physical Demands:

Minimum/light physical demands as required.


Works in a clean comfortable environment.