Why support the centre?

At this time, there are no other centres on the West Island that offer a safe and welcoming environment to LGBTQ youth as they learn to embrace their emerging sexual orientation. Given the degree of impact on the lives of these young people and their families, this is a discouraging fact especially in a community that provides overwhelming support for its youth through numerous cultural, sports, leisure, and social development programs.

We invite you to consider the many ways in which you can help support the centre.
How can I support the centre?

Funding/Contribution Opportunities

We gratefully acknowledge the generous support of the Erskine and American Trust Fund which has provided the initial seed funding for this project.

Financial support is needed for the continued development and maintenance of the centre. We are currently accepting financial donations through one of our partners, the Beaconsfield United Church. Please be sure to specify that your donation is in support of the LGBTQ Youth Centre. Official receipts will be issued for tax purposes for donations received from individuals or corporations.

Are you looking for a gift for that person who already has everything and who supports decent human social endeavours? Why not make a donation in their name to help build a strong foundation for the centre? Or, you can puchase a book or DVD for our resource collection. If you’re interested, please constact us by email at info@lgbtqyouthcentre.ca.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors meet, every 2 months on Mondays, on a volunteer basis. We continue to accept applications for membership on the committee from people of varying backgrounds and experiences. Queer identified youth are encouraged to join the Board of Directors, to take ownership of their own cause and to be part of the process. Please email a one-page summary as to why joining this committee would be of interest to you to: info@lgbtqyouthcentre.ca.

We look forward hearing about the ways in which your thoughts, skills, and experience will help to implement our vision.


We want to provide a safe space and to be a support community for West Island queer identified youth. The goal of our Youth Centre is to to create a welcoming environment where these young people can easily and safely come to meet with others to learn about their emerging queer indentity, a place to be themselves. Family and friends are also welcome to to review our website and to take note of all of the many resources we have for parents, friends and family as well. We invite you to contact us directly if you have any ideas, issues, questions, or if you want to offer your support.

As well, if you would like to form or be part of a parent group, we are interested in supporting you. Please do contact us at: info@LGTBQyouthcentre.ca.

Young People

West Island young people, whether queer identified or queer positive supporters, are encouraged to become involved in supporting the goals of the centre. This may include activities such as peer advising and counseling, liaison with local high schools, development of centre activities, fundraising activities, and so on, in your own area of interest. If you have an idea for how you can contribute, we welcome your input.

Other West Island Groups

We are looking to continually build partnerships with other local organizations that have similar goals, to support the LGBTQ youth in the West Island. If you’re aware of other interested organizations, please get in touch with us at info@LGTBQyouthcentre.ca.

Other ways to get involved

As an individual, can you share your insight and experience with us in a way that will contribute to the goals of the LGBTQ Youth Centre? We would love to hear from you at info@LGTBQyouthcentre.ca.

Letter of support from Project 10

[…] At Project 10, we see a vast array of youth, including many who travel as far as 90 minutes to come to our weekly drop-in group, a semi structured and youth directed space staffed by experienced employees and volunteers. We also receive calls on our listening line from all over Quebec, and occasionally, out of province. These facts serve as indicators that services for queer youth outside of the city are lacking. Even the most conservative estimates about sexual minorities indicate that a minimum of 10% of people are not exclusively heterosexual. Young people in all communities are struggling with self-acceptance, coming out, family, faith, identity, love, barriers to employment, housing, and social support. [for more, click here…]