Winter Camp 2015: Battle of the Fandoms!

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by Gabrielle PoitrasDSC_0515

What is a fandom, you may ask? It’s simply some form of media that has a dedicated following, from films like the Hobbit trilogy, to book series like Harry Potter, to television programmes, video games and the like. Everyone is nerdy about something, and the youth from the centre prove to be no exception, which prompted this year’s camp theme. Each youth was placed in a ‘house’ team, like at Hogwarts or Game of Thrones, and each house was in competition with one another for the House Cup, to be awarded to the best team of the weekend! Houses could gain points by doing their chores, helping others and working as a team, and we were blown away by the camaraderie, competitiveness and spirit embodied by each house. The five houses (Epic Novels, Sci-Fi, Cartoons, Comic Books & Games, TV) had to each design a felt crest complete with motto, all of which currently hang in the centre. While the competition was stiff, the Epic Novels team won, taking home the camp’s golden cup.

The weekend of March 8th was not only one of competition, however. This camp saw the most attendees ever, with 35 campers and adults participating in such activities as broomball, snowball fights, and our Saturday night Variety Show. We enjoyed lovely warm yet snowy weather, which suited outdoor activities, as well as quiet evenings by the fireplace roasting marshmallows for s’mores. Each adult was tasked with organizing some activity, which allowed all youth to participate in something suited to their energy level, be it a massive outdoor strategy game, an early-morning yoga class or a quiet afternoon playing board games and cards by the much-loved fireplace. By Sunday afternoon, everyone was exhausted yet happy, and we now look forward to the planning of summer camp!